Juego de 4 tornillos Lock T Nuts



Juego de 4 tornillos Lock T Nuts.

Stop losing your nuts!
Our locking T-Nuts are specifically designed to make your life easier! No longer will you have to fish around for the track nuts in your foil box. They will be in the right place every time! No messing, just pure plug and play! 
Less messing about and more water time is the idea behind this simple but potentially game changing T-Nut. 
As well as these epic T-Nuts we have a large range of foiling bolts in stock.
Do the locking T-Nuts make life easier.
Definitely! Once setup in the right place these T-Nuts make setting up your board and foil so much easier it is unreal! No more fishing around the foil box trying to line up the t-nuts and bolts. It’s as plug and play as you can get.
Where are these locking nuts made?
Good question. We designed the locking track nuts here in the UK. After an extensive search we chose a Greek factory to make the T-Nuts. Our partnership with them produces the very best track nuts out there. Made from quality brass these CNC’d T-Nuts are engineered to the highest quality standard.