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Tabla de Windsurf JP Magic Wave 2022



Tabla de windsurf JP Magic Wave 2022.


What an outstanding first year this new flagship of JP’s wave line experienced! It saw excellent test reports worldwide and – even more importantly – the word of mouth from impressed owners made it an extremely successful start for the Magic Wave. And the demand of this board does not show any signs of slowing down now that it heads into season two. This fresh all-round wave concept combines and beats the best characteristics of our previous, all-time favourite wave designs. The Magic Wave draws from the speed of the Thruster Quad, versatility of the Wave Slates, ease of sailing of the Real World Waves. It also offers incredible speed and confidence on the wave, matching the performance of the Ultimate wave in most conditions, even in waves up to and over mast high.
Extremely quick to get planing and reach top speed, the Magic Wave pops over white water effortlessly and jumps extremely high. It offers both front and back foot wave riding possibilities, gaining speed and control from the advanced rocker shape, beautiful rails and wide, thin, ultra-high performance swallow tail.
Confidence, speed, comfort and grip on the wave all combine into a board that feels carvy and loose on the wave face, while still offering the essential speed needed for more onshore conditions.
Finally an all-round board which excels in mediocre conditions but does not compromise on wave performance. JP’s most exciting introduction to the wave board market for many years.
The concept of a wider swallow tail board with an equally wide nose gave us a stable base for the new board. We worked tirelessly developing a new rocker for this board that is extremely fast without being too stiff on the wave. The very fast, early planing Wave Slate and the multiple award winning Freestyle Wave were good benchmarks. The new Magic Wave equals or betters the Wave Slate in early planing, low end, top speed, versatility and looseness on the wave. And its planing performance comes close that of the Freestyle Wave.
1. High-performance all-round wave board
2. Newly advanced rocker shape provides early planing, high speed and control
3. Wide nose and tail allows high jumps and forgiving landings
4. Board comes with Thruster Fin setup
5. Great range of use through five fin boxes
6. New high density sandwich and stringers made of recycled PET