Tabla de Windsurf Future Fly Yellow Fish 87

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Tabla de Windsurf Future Fly Yellow Fish 87.

In the world of wave sailing, we test the limits of many variables – curving, power, speed, flow, control, grip, spin and in-air balance.
The FutureFly R&D team had the task of mixing these variables and turning them into one work of art.
We tested the limits of board-length, going for shorter compact-boards, while matching the correct rocker-lines, bottom-shape, and rails to achieve a superb all-around line of classic clean wave boards. These boards will take the rider to new levels in small and large surf, feel like a skateboard in the air, accelerate through new school tricks and absolutely ruthless while riding the wave.
– Always shines in any wind and wave conditions, this board will excite you every time.
– Lots of speed and drive, accurate smooth bottom turns due to perfectly shaped rails.
– Relatively low rocker, and lots of carve on the rails due to unique bottom shape, helps this board fly through the sections and turn like a dream.
– Beautiful classic outline kept on a compact and short board.
– Fantastic in the air the 87L will take you to the moon and back!