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Botavara de carbono Loft Slalom Pro 170 - 220

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Botavara de carbono Loft Slalom Pro 170-220.

Año 2022. Botavara de exposición. NUEVA.


The booms are engineered with ergonomic curves that allow both of a sailor’s arms to work effectively. Boom arm curve design, weight distribution, and stiffness are developed individually and specifically for each boom model and length.
Loft boom tails optimize the relationship between power (wider) and control (narrower). Boom tail widths are matched to boom length and sail size, for optimal performance.
  • A stiff and strong carbon boom
  • A wide range of lengths from 170 to 220 cm
  • The wide tail increases power in the sail
  • Tail pulleys can be used with adjustable outhaul system
Min. length (cm) Max. length (cm) Material Construction RDM Adapter Tail end Grip diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
170 220 Carbon Monocoque Pulley 26×29 Oval 2.71




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