Repair and improve your board in our professional workshop. REPAIR


In our fully equipped custom windsurfing workshop, we offer you all kinds of repairs and upgrades for your board.

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  • We repair all types of windsurfing, surfing, kite, sup, and even boats, carbon bicycle frames and all types of fiberglass and carbon fiber work. Epoxy & polyester.
  • Overnight repair, from one day to the next, of small bumps and damages on your board. So that you don't lose a single day without sailing.
  • Major repairs of bumps, delaminated areas, fin boxes and mast foot, etc... with drying in our oven -the only one currently existing in Tarifa- which guarantees that your board will be back in the best condition and free of water inside if it has penetrated through the affected areas. All this with absolute priority and in the shortest possible time according to the evaluation of the damage.
  • Complete recycling of your board, repairing small flaws that may have more sanding, painting and application of anti-slip in salt or corundum, so that your board looks like new. Likewise, it is also possible the replacement of pads and footstraps, as well as the elaboration of a new design according to the client's taste.
  • Installation of additional fin boxes, according to the board design, evaluating the impact they may have on the performance according to the shape of the board.
  • Modifications in edges, stern, etc... to tune the performance of your board, evaluating the impact that these modifications may have on the behavior of your board always looking to bring your board to its maximum performance.

For any other type of work on your board, please contact us without obligation. We will be pleased to help you.